Make a payment

To avoid receiving an invoice in the mail we recommend paying for your dental treatment in full after each appointment, or the covering balance of your insurance claim (we submit these electronically and often know the balance immediately).  Traditional methods of returning to the office to pay with cash, cheque, debit or credit will gladly be accepted as well as mailing in your payment.

We are also happy to offer some online payment methods, either by emailing money directly through your online financial institution (interac e-transfers), or through our account with Paypal.

For email transfers:

– login to your online banking site, follow the links and instructions for this payment type
– please use the following address to send payment:
– use the question: Where is your office located?  and then put the answer: Berwick
– In the additional notes section please include the full name & address of the person who received the bill

– we will acknowledge receipt of payment with a confirmation email, please contact the office to follow-up on this payment if you have not received a reply within 3 business days

To pay with PayPal:

– email the office that you would like to pay off your account with PayPal (

– we will create an invoice through our Paypal account and email this back with the links to remit your payment electronically (either through your PayPal account or credit card)